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Product Image Pine Trees Refresher Oil

Pine Trees Refresher Oil

$ 11.50

This pine fragrance goes out to all you rough & tough boys...I mean men! The ladies like it, too! I don't know about you, but the smell of pine just means clean to me.

Our refresher oils have a gazillion uses, forgive me if I don't list them ALL here! This oil can be used in an oil burner or diffuser to scent your home! A few drops of oil can be used on lamp rings. You can use this oil to freshen up sachets or potpourri that is losing its scent. You guys are crafty people...I know you can come up with tons of ideas for our refresher oils - the possibilities are endless!

Our refresher oils are high quality and UNDILUTED! They are NOT intended for direct skin contact. They would need to be added to a carrier oil to be skin-safe or diluted in a nice big bathtub.

The Pine Trees Refresher Oil is packaged in a glass 1 oz. bottle. We package by weight, not volume, ONE FULL OUNCE! We will include a dropper with each bottle.

Our Refresher Oil is packaged in a glass bottle with a silver or black cap.

Listing is for a 1 oz. glass bottle of Pine Trees Refresher Oil


INGREDIENTS: essential oil

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