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Product Image Island Lime Handmade Sachet

Island Lime Handmade Sachet

$ 2.25

Our Island Lime sachets have tons of uses - the sky's the limit! Here are a few of our favorite uses - toss them in a drawer, hang or store in your car, hang in a gym/school locker, place in stored luggage, hang in your closet, tuck one in your gym shoes and so on and so on . . .

Our sachets are scented to last for a long time. We've had customers report back to us over a year after buying to say that it is still going strong! Our Island Lime sachet is a lime green organza bag filled with scented natural material.

The sachet is not meant to be opened, just tossed in a drawer as is. You may add more fragrance if you prefer a stronger scent or need to refresh your sachet when the scent lessens. Simply add a drop or two of our Refresher Oil.

Listing is for one Island Lime Sachet


INGREDIENTS: natural corncob material, fragrance oil

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