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Product Image Ocean Rain Handmade Solid Lotion Stick

Ocean Rain Handmade Solid Lotion Stick

$ 7.25

A lotion stick is simply a solid form of lotion. It is very convenient to throw into a desk at work or a gym bag or purse. Our Ocean Rain Lotion Stick is a great way to apply lotion to your feet without getting lotion all over your hands! This fresh scent is a nice, clean unisex scent combining an "ozony" ocean scent with a light, gentle rain.

Our Ocean Rain Solid Lotion Stick is packaged in a clear 1 oz. push-up container and heat sealed with a shrink band.

To use: Remove shrink band & twist off lid. Firmly push in bottom of the Ocean Rain Lotion Stick to move lotion up the container until desired amount is showing. Continue to push up as needed.

If the Ocean Rain Solid Lotion Stick becomes too soft (shipping, etc), place in fridge standing up. This will not harm the product at all. We do not recommend placing them in a freezer.

Listing is for 1 oz. Ocean Rain Lotion Stick

INGREDIENTS: sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, mango butter, shea butter, vitamin E, fragrance oil

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