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Product Image Almond Amaretto Handmade Sachet

Almond Amaretto Handmade Sachet

$ 2.25

Our Almond Amaretto sachets have tons of uses - the sky's the limit! Here are a few of our favorite uses - toss them in a drawer, hang or store in your car, hang in a gym/school locker, place in stored luggage, hang in your closet, tuck one in your gym shoes and so on and so on . . .

Our sachets are scented to last for a long time. We've had customers report back to us over a year after buying to say that it is still going strong! Our Almond Amaretto sachet is an almond brown organza bag filled with scented natural material.

The sachet is not meant to be opened, just tossed in a drawer as is. You may add more fragrance if you prefer a stronger scent or need to refresh your sachet when the scent lessens. Simply add a drop or two of our Refresher Oil.

****this fragrance is phthalate free****

Listing is for one Almond Amaretto Sachet


INGREDIENTS: natural corncob material, phthalate free fragrance oil

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